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How did the BASE Study address quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC)?

Good quality assurance practices require that all routine activities having an effect on data quality be fully documented. In order to address issues that would affect confidence in the BASE data, a Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPjP) (PDF) - was developed in conjunction with the BASE protocol to ensure the consistent collection and reporting of comparable data of good quality. The QAPjP provides guidelines that allow investigators to recognize and control factors that could compromise the data quality.

Field Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) were developed for all routine activities that have known or suspected direct consequences on the quality of environmentally-related data generated. The SOPs describe routine field operational activities in an explicit, detailed, step-by-step manner so that all individuals can perform the activities uniformly and consistently. Such activities include repetitious operations of field sampling, analysis, instrument or method calibrations, preventive and corrective maintenance, internal quality control (QC) procedures, sample precision and accuracy determinations, etc., that were to be performed in the same uniform and consistent manner throughout the BASE study.

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