Frequent Questions

How has the BASE study data been used?

Indoor Air Toxics Input

  • Determination of typical indoor pollutants and concentrations
  • Information on indoor sources
  • Information on indoor pollutant levels

Mold and other Biologicals

  • Information on common indoor and outdoor species of fungi and bacteria
  • Comparison of bioaerosol testing methodologies
  • Information on conditions for growth
  • Analysis of associations of fungal taxa with symptoms and building characteristics

Homeland Security

  • Input into guidance development
  • Comparison of BASE buildings with compromised buildings

General IAQ

  • Determination of impact of radon in large buildings
  • Comparison of collected parameters to those reported in similar studies and other building types like schools
  • Determination of building factors that may be associated with respiratory diseases (e.g., asthma) or sick building syndrome.
  • Building manager comparisons of BASE buildings to their specific site
  • Use of BASE standardized protocol to design other studies and investigations

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