Frequent Questions

How can I get the BASE data?

To obtain the BASE data on CD-ROM, please read and sign the Notification Prior to Use Data Form (PDF) -  and fax or mail it to:

US EPA/ Indoor Environments Division
BASE Workgroup
1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW MC 6609J
Washington, DC 20460
Phone: (202) 343-9370
FAX: (202) 343-2393

Please forward all comments and questions concerning the BASE study to the BASE Workgroup

The data have undergone documented quality assurance procedures and all reasonable efforts have been made to ensure the validity of the data. However, it is expected that anomalies may be discovered as further analysis is made. Therefore, EPA plans to maintain a list of all requesters of these data in order to track how data are being used and to be able to provide updates and information on any major anomalies identified.

Read more about the BASE Study at

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