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What resources are available to help manage asthma?

The EPA has resources that answer additional questions you might have about asthma and how to manage asthma triggers.  All of EPA's asthma materials are free and many are available in Spanish and other languages.

A few of the most popular asthma products include:

  • Breathing Freely: Controlling Asthma Triggers (video)
  • Dusty the Asthma Goldfish and His Asthma Triggers Funbook (children's educational activity booklet)
  • Help Your Child Gain Control Over Asthma (an easy to read booklet)
  • Clear Your Home of Asthma Triggers: Your Child Will Breathe Easier (pamphlet)

To view or download EPA's asthma products and to get ordering information, visit

More information on managing asthma and resources are available at

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