Frequent Questions

How can I show my customers the benefits of Indoor airPLUS homes?

Indoor airPLUSYou can start by showing them the Indoor airPLUS Consumer Brochure or the Discover Indoor airPLUS Homes Booklet, to introduce them to EPA's guidance for improved indoor air quality. Next, the Indoor airPLUS qualified home label and certificate help demonstrate that your homes meet the EPA's stringent specifications for improved indoor air quality. You can also use on-site promotional materials such as Indoor airPLUS yard signs and banners to make the designation more visible. For customers who want to know more, you can set up informational displays in your model homes and utilize EPA’s multimedia resources to demonstrate the real added value of Indoor airPLUS features in your homes. E-mail the Indoor airPLUS team at for assistance with Indoor airPLUS marketing materials and other promotional ideas.


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