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How many Indoor airPLUS items can builders self-certify?

Indoor airPLUSAny Item on the Indoor airPLUS Verification Checklist that has checkboxes in both the "Rater Verified" and "Builder Verified" columns may be verified by the builder. This means it's up to the Rater and builder to decide who will verify it. Builders may find it valuable to pay the Rater for more inspections; however the process was designed such that minimum third-party verification requirements could be met during the required ENERGY STAR verification site visits. There are still a number of Indoor airPLUS requirements that must be verified by the Rater - all Items with only a box in the "Rater Verified" column. By signing the bottom of the Verification Checklist, the builder certifies that he / she has met the "Builder Verified" requirements.

See for the Indoor airPLUS Verification Checklist.

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