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How does indoor air quality in schools affect children with asthma?

Asthma triggers can be found at school.  An Indoor Air Quality Management Program can reduce the pollutants, irritants, and triggers and help provide a healthier school for students and staff.

There are many steps that a school district can take to reduce asthma triggers:

  • Have an IAQ Management program such as IAQ Tools for Schools, see
  • Enforce no-smoking policies in schools
  • Maintain the ventilation system to ensure proper airflow
  • Use Integrated Pest Management to prevent pest problems, see
  • Fix leaks and moisture problems to reduce mold growth
  • Clean and dust properly to reduce dust

To learn more about how asthma relates to schools and steps schools can take to reduce asthma triggers, visit Managing Asthma in Schools at

To learn more about a school IAQ Management Plan and IAQ Tools for Schools, visit

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