Frequent Questions

How was the BASE Study designed?

The BASE study was developed through discussions and workshops with over 40 IAQ experts from the U.S. The experts were convened to provide information on program development in the following areas: study design; building and HVAC characteristics; human response and questionnaires; environmental measurements; program integration; and diagnostics and mitigation. The experts were asked to identify the key parameters that should be measured, at a minimum by any indoor air researchers, to characterize the indoor environment in large office buildings.

Was the BASE study designed to test a specific hypothesis?

The BASE study is not hypotheses driven and therefore may not necessarily produce the type of data needed to evaluate the nature, validity, or cause of IAQ complaints. Rather, the data collected in these studies are expected to provide a distribution of IAQ building and HVAC characteristics; obtain baseline symptom rates; establish standardized testing protocols; allows examinations of relationships between symptoms and building characteristics; develop hypotheses to investigate sick building syndrome; and provide the basis for guidance on building design, construction, operation and maintenance.

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